Errors Have Been Detected in Outlook.ost File - Resolved Here

Information and data are the most important attributes for any organization. It indicates the progress and potential. Whether a small or big enterprise, all communicate via emails for exchanging their data and MS Outlook is one of the email application that helps by using business communication with their clients through emails. As we know, that Outlook stores all its data in data file, i.e. PST and OST. However, many times due to corruption of data user faces various errors in OST file, one such problem is taken from the forum is discussed below.

“My OST file got inaccessible and when I am trying to open that file I am getting a message: Errors have been detected in the file outlook.ost in 2010. I am quite worried as my file contains all my company’s record. So, can anyone guide me the way to get out of the situation, it’s really important for me?”

Root Cause for Error Occurrence

For consistency and integrity of OST files, long duration of interface in connection is harmful. There are many reasons due to which OST files become inaccessible as mentioned:

Fault in network connectivity.

Deletion of mailbox of Exchange .

Interruption in synchronization.

Malicious virus attack on system.

Improper shut down of Exchange server or Outlook.

How to Resolve Error of OST File?

There is an effective way to resolve the error, i.e. third party utility. Out of which, one such application is OST Recovery that recovers all the data from inaccessible OST file and saves the data in a healthy PST file format. It retrieves the whole data by maintaining the data integrity. Outlook installation is not required by the application to perform the procedure. Once the data is recovered and restore, the software generates a report for future usage.

Apart from this, there are some work around that help to restore the data from inaccessible OST file and convert it to PST file format as mentioned below.

File >> Options >> Add-ins >> Go

Run scanpst.exe

User can remove the occurrence of an error by using the in-built utility, i.e. scanpst.exe. It helps to repair the OST file by following the given steps.

Open scanpst.exe on your system.

Browse the OST file from the stored location and click on the button ‘Options’ to specify the log files.

 Open scanpst.exe

Errors Have Been Detected in the File Outlook.ostNow click on start option to continue the process.

Note: During the repair procedure, a backup file will be generated and user can change its location and name if required.

Select the repair option as shown on the image below.

 repair option

Once the process is completed, users can view the data in MS Outlook.

Recreate OST File

OST files are replica of user’s mailbox on Exchange Server. However, it is not necessary to take the backup of these files. User can create a new copy of OST files when it is required by following the mentioned steps:

1. Exit Outlook from your system.

2. Now open Control Panel >> Mail.

3. Click on the option Show Profiles

Show Profiles

4. Choose Profile name >> Properties.

5. Select Email Accounts option.

Email Accounts option

6. After selecting email account, click on change.

click on change

7. Clear the checkbox and use the Cached Exchanged Mode >> More Settings.

More Settings

8. Choose Advance tab and choose Outlook data file settings.

Outlook data file settings

9. Choose Disable Offline use >> Click Yes.

10. Click on Outlook data file settings again >> Ok.

11. Select use cached Exchange mode settings >> Ok.

settings to fix errors have been detected in outlook.ost file

12. Choose Next option > Finish.

11. Click close option, in account settings Window.

Both the manual and third party utility performs the same process, the principles and concepts are same with differences lying in the mechanics of process. The third party utility takes less time and gives accurate result as compared to manual method.


No one can deny the importance of OST Files while working with Exchange server. In addition, corruption of these files may corroborate to be drastic in some situations. Thus, whenever an error is displayed in your OST file it becomes necessary to eliminate them. Accordingly, manual methods prove to be very lengthy. Therefore, for the recovery and removal of errors of OST files it is strongly recommended to use Outlook OST Error Fix utility.