Microsoft Outlook Error Cause Due to an MAPI - Resolved

Nowadays, it’s common trend to synchronize web based email account to Microsoft Outlook to build an effective communication. It has been seen that mostly users are using Outlook to access web based email client like; Gmail, Yahoo,, etc. Have your Outlook prompted this error messages on the screen.

Error Message: Cannot open your default email folders. An unexpected error has occurred. MAPI was unable to load information service msncon.dll. Be sure service is correctly configured and installed.

To fix this type of error, you have to follow some tricky procedure. You should reinstall Outlook Hotmail connector or you have to remove the Outlook profile.

Required Steps to Remove Outlook Profile:

1.Open the control panel

2.Go through User accounts >> Mail

3.Hit the “show profile”when the mail setup dialog box appears

4.Choose the profile which you want to eliminate and finally click on “remove” tab.

Go through the following procedure to fix MAPI was unable to load information service msncon.dll.

Steps to Fix MAPI Was Unable to Load Information Service MSNCON.dll.

1.You can remove and reinstall Outlook connector in control panel

2.You'll have to remove the problematic profile which was connected via the Outlook connector

3.Fixing Outlook MAPI error is a bit persuasive error to solve if you are using Outlook 2013 because re-installing the connector does let you re-synchronize emails. “MSMAPI32.DLL” can cause also this error, so delete it from its actual default location and re-check the process. In case, if Outlook is still showing error, then replace the same DLL file.