OST Synchronization Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0 - Error Resolved

Sometimes OST file could not be properly synchronized with the Exchange data and you receives a most common synchronization error of OST file is β€œ 8004011D-526-80040115-0 β€œ.Before discussing about this topic, it becomes necessary to understand the exact reason behind such errors.

Reasons Behind β€œOST synchronization Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0”

If there is any network connectivity issue

In case of downtime of Exchange Server

If there is corruption issues in OST file

If there is virus infections or malicious code in OST file & Outlook.

While trying to open Outlook application and find a 'Sync Issues' folder that contains the following error entries. The error shown in below screen clearly indicates that there is some network connection problems.

Have a look on some primitive actions to solve OST synchronization Error 8004011D-526-80040115-0

Try to re-establish a connection with Exchange Server

Recreation of new Outlook profile

Implement the OST integrity utility to fix different synchronization issues

Have a Look on Another Synchronization Error Log:

Following Fixtures Can Be Applied to Fix Different Synchronization Error Log

Check out if there is any background process is running(close it and disable unnecessary app)

Your profile settings should be correct. Check whether that the default delivery destinations are MS Exchange service and mailbox.

You can synchronize the OST file using below steps:

Go to 'Tool' option

Click 'Synchronize'

Select the option 'The Folder or All Folders'

Make sure about proper network connection

After implementing above procedure, if you are not able to fix different synchronization error then you need to create a new OST file and synchronize it with Exchange Server.

You need to follow the below steps to create a new OST file and resynchronize it:

Open Microsoft Outlook then go through 'Tools' menu .

Choose 'Account Settings' option from Tool menu.

In the Account Settings window, press the 'Microsoft Exchange'.

In next Window, click on 'More Settings' button.

Hit the 'Advanced' tab.

Hit the 'Offline Folder File Settings'

Press the 'OK' button.

Default name for the OST file is set as 'Outlook.ost'. Here we will prompt for renaming.

Press the 'OK' tab and then click 'Finish'.

Now, Start Outlook.

Go to the Tools menu and then click "Send/Receive All".

Hence, all steps as mentioned in above section will solve different issues related to synchronization issues but if problem still exist then you need to use OST Error Fix Tool to fix different issues of OST file. Later on, when connection with Exchange server is established it will be synchronized automatically.