Recover Deleted Emails from OST File Via Risk-Free Procedure

OST file is the cache copy of Exchange account mailbox, it consist of all data items as stored in user’s Exchange account mailbox. These OST files are saved locally on the user’s system that can be configured with Outlook. When we talk about OST email deleted data, in that case user can take help of Outlook to recover deleted emails from OST files. The reason behind OST file data deletion could be intentional or unintentional, when user no longer needs any data, they can just delete it, however when data get deleted unintentionally then, users sometime faces problem when they try to recover such data. There are some steps that user can follow to recover their unintentionally deleted emails.

In this article we discuss the different types of OST file data deletion and the method of it’s recovery. To overcome the limitations of manual method, one can also take help of third party tool that recovers permanently deleted emails from OST File.There exist a tool namely OST Recovery, that provides recovery of entire permanently deleted email from OST file and also repairs the file from the corruption.As the manual procedure of recovering deleted OST file data only recovers emails but through OST Recovery tool, one can recover all other permanently deleted items such as Contacts, Calender, Notes, etc.

OST file Data Deletion

There could be any reason that results OST file data deletion but there are two type of data deletion that can occur in any OST file.

Soft Deletion: In soft deletion, data is not permanently deleted from the system as it is moved to Deleted Item folder, when needed user can get back their email data from this folder.

Hard Deletion: when permanent deletion is takes place in OST file email data it’s known as hard deleted data. User can not recover their emails with the help of Deleted Item folder which results difficulty in getting back these permanently deleted email. For recovering such emails, user needs to follow number of recovery steps.

Reasons for Permanent Deletion of OST Email

1.When the user takes help Shift+Delete key for deleting an email causes permanent deletion.

2.If the user deletes emails even from Deleted Item Folder results permanent deletion.

How To Recover Deleted Emails from OST File

Soft Deleted OST File Emails: If the user deletes any email it will directly move to Deleted Item Folder present in a mailbox. If user wants to get these emails back in their Inbox.

Recovering hard deleted Emails From OST File: When comparing method of hard deleted emails recovery to soft deleted, it is quiet difficult task as user can not simply recover them from Deleted Item folder.When user permanently deletes any data from OST file, it moves to the Dumpster folder, this only can be performed if admin has applied Retention policy on user’s account. then with the help of Recover Deleted Item folder user can recover deleted ost file.

Recover Deleted Item folder does not works if the user is working in offline mode and when they are not using Exchange account.

Limitation Of manual Method

One cannot recover email data from an orphan OST file

The OST file should be in healthy state

User can not recover data items other then emails.


There could be any reason for OST email deletion whether it’s intentional or unintentional. However one can get back their emails with Outlook. User can only recover emails with the help of manual method, However, if the user wants other data items such as calender, appointments, contacts including emails then user can use third party tools. These Third party tool offers more easy and efficient way for deleted OST email recovery.