Manual Fixtures to Resolve OST Synchronization Errors

As we know OST file stores all the offline work and whenever the Outlook goes online, server gets sync regularly and all the information gets updated online. But sometimes it creates hurdle when users attempt to synchronize an Exchange Server mailbox with an OST file. OST Synchronization is the process in which all the work that have been done offline in MS Outlook gets updated with Exchange Server’s mailbox data. Read the below section of this article to fix OST file synchronization issues.

  How to Check OST File is Properly Synchronized or Not

  How to Check Profile Settings

  How to Perform OST Synchronization

  How to Recreate new OST File

What are the probable causes behind OST Synchronization Issues ?

1. Improper network connectivity

2. Downtime of Microsoft Exchange Server which prevent Outlook from being synchronized

3. Sometimes oversized OST file also generates synchronization issues

4. Sudden shut down of Exchange Server or if there is any virus infection

Following Fixtures Can be Applied to Fix OST Synchronization Errors

If your OST file does not get synchronize with your Exchange Server’s mailboxes data then you can verify cached exchange mode, user profile and many more. Read the below section to fix different issues of OST file.

# Step 1. Check OST File is Being Synchronized Correctly or Not

In order to verify OST file is being synchronized correctly or not, one should follow the following steps:

Right click on the folder have to check then hit the Properties.

Click the Synchronization tab.

Go to Statistics for this folder, check the last synchronization date and other attributes:

1. Last Synchronized on: Date

2. Server folder contains: Items

3. Offline folder contains: Items

Note: If there is same attributes in Server folders and offline folder then it indicates that there is no OST File Sync Issues. But if the values of both folder are not same then there is a problem in synchronizing database and you should verify the profile settings.

Let’s See How to Check Profile Settings :

1. In Outlook 2007, Go through Tools menu then click the Account Settings

2. Go to Data File > Set Mailbox -account name as default

3. Go to Email tab > Mailbox -account name > Settings

4. Mark the “Use cached Exchange Mode” then click on OK tab

Let’s See How to Perform OST Synchronization

# Steps Required for Manual Synchronization:

1. In Folder List pane choose the folder need to be synchronized

2. If you want to synchronize any particular folder then go through Tools > Send/Receive > This Folder (Microsoft Exchange Server)

3. If you want to synchronize all folders then go through Tools menu > Send/Receive > Send/Receive All

# Synchronization via Automatic Method

This procedure will synchronize .OST file with Exchange mailbox every time when users get online.

1. Microsoft Outlook > Tools > Options

2. Click the Mail Setup > select “Send immediately when connected”

3. Send/Receive > Send/Receive Groups > Select Perform an automatic send/receive when exiting > Close

#Step 3. Create a New OST File and Synchronize File

Way to rebuild a new OST

Find offline ost file by typing *.ost in search box.

Rename the old OST file with a different file extension like replace .ost with .old.

When file is renamed then Outlook will create a new file.

Open Outlook > Tools > Send/Recieve

# Step 4. Alternative Approach to Fix OST File Synchronization Issue

It has been seen that if OST file is majorly damaged or corrupted then Outlook will not able to recognize it. In such cases, one should go for OST Recovery Software to perform recovery and fix synchronization issues of OST file.